Welcome to the Borough of Chambersburg!

As a full service municipality, Chambersburg supplies a wide variety of services; more services than any other municipality in the Commonwealth. In addition to typical municipal services such as highway (58 miles of streets), storm water collection system, planning, zoning, and code enforcement, Chambersburg operates our own Police force, a combination paid and volunteer Fire Department, a Basic Life Support EMS service, a recreation department with acres of parkland, municipal parking, traffic and street light programs, community and economic development including a Main Street downtown revitalization effort and an Elm Street neighborhood preservation program, and more municipal utilities than any other town in Pennsylvania. Chambersburg is one of 35 Boroughs in Pennsylvania to own and operate an electric utility. Chambersburg is the largest municipal electric utility in the State, twice as large as the second largest, Ephrata, Lancaster County, and the only one to operate generation stations. Chambersburg is one of two municipalities in Pennsylvania to own and operate a gas utility. And the other is Philadelphia, which does not operate an electric utility. Nationally, Chambersburg is one of 2,000 communities to own an electric system and one of 800 communities to own a gas system but one of only about 50 to own both. Chambersburg operates a regional water system and a regional sanitary sewer system; not through an independent Authority or an intermunicipal board, but under Council control directly. Chambersburg operates a trash utility, a parking utility, and a new storm sewer utility; one of the first storm sewer utilities to form under the new Federal mandate to regulate stormwater.

Situated as the County Seat of Franklin County, Chambersburg is a large and diverse community. Sometimes dealing with city issues, Chambersburg Borough still maintains a small-town quality of life.