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About Chambersburg
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      The Borough of Chambersburg is a full service municipality organized under the Pennsylvania Borough Code to serve the citizens and businesses of Chambersburg. The Borough maintains a staff of around 300 full time, part time, and seasonal employees to serve the community. Most borough operations are conducted through offices located at 100 South Second Street, Chambersburg's historic City Hall. Although, the Borough operates facilities throughout the community as well as in surrounding townships. The staff is dedicated to serving your needs.
The Fountain at Memorial Square
      As a full service municipality, Chambersburg supplies a wide variety of services; more services than any other municipality in the Commonwealth. In addition to typical municipal services such as highway (58 miles of streets), storm sewer system, planning, zoning, and code enforcement, Chambersburg operates our own Police force, a combination paid and volunteer Fire Department, a Basic Life Support EMS service, a recreation department with acres of parkland, rail trail and pool, municipal parking program, residential rental inspection program, community and economic development including a Main Street downtown revitalization effort and an Elm Street neighborhood preservation program, and four utilities. Chambersburg is the only municipality in Pennsylvania to operate an Electric Utility, a Natural Gas Utility, a Water Utility, a Sanitary Sewer Utility, and a residential/commercial solid waste Trash program. We are one of only 35 municipal electricity communities in Pennsylvania and the largest of the group in terms of customers. We are one of only true municipal natural gas utilities.

      Chambersburg utilities represent the preponderance of municipal employees, facilities, and issues.
      Situated as the County Seat of Franklin County, Chambersburg is a large and diverse community. Sometimes dealing with city issues, Chambersburg borough still maintains a small-town quality of life. According the PA Department of Community and Economic Development, boroughs are the second most common form of municipal government in Pennsylvania, their number exceeded only by the number of second class townships. The 962 boroughs represent 37.5% of all general-purpose municipal governments in Pennsylvania. There is an average of 15 boroughs per county. Chambersburg is one of the largest boroughs by population and by the size of our operating budget. The largest boroughs in population are State College - 38,923, Bethel Park - 33,823, Norristown- 30,749, Monroeville - 29,169 and Plum - 25,609. Sixteen boroughs have populations under 100. The smallest are S.N.P.J. (Lawrence County) - 12; New Morgan (Berks) - 16; Valley-Hi (Fulton) - 19; Green Hills (Washington) - 21; and Seven Springs (Somerset) - 22. Chambersburg's population: 20,360 (2012).
      Chambersburg operates under the Council-Manager form of government. The Chief Administrative Officer of the organization is the Borough Manager, appointed by and serving at the pleasure of a majority of the Town Council. The Council, currently ten members, is elected by Wards for four year terms. The Council elects one of their own to serve as Council President, Council Vice-President, and Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee. The Council serves as the legislative and quasi-judicial branches of local government. Their mission is to preserve the fiscal security of the Borough and set long term objectives and goals for staff. They also engage in all manner of community planning.
      The Mayor is independently elected. Pursuant to the Pennsylvania Borough Code, the Mayor is the supervisor of the Borough Police Department, joins Council meetings as a non-voting member, and may approve local laws adopted by Council. The Mayor also serves as a dignitary representing the community.

Elected Officials

Town Council

First Ward

Allen B. Coffman

President of Council

Alice C. Elia

Second Ward

Samantha J. Bietsch

Assistant Finance Chair

John "Sean" A. Scott III

Finance Chair

Third Ward

Louisa C. Cowles


Kathy J. Leedy


Fourth Ward

Sharon A. Bigler


Jeremy D. Cate

Fifth Ward

Herbert R. Dolaway

Personnel Advisor

Heath E. Talhelm

Vice President of Council 

Town Council Contact Information

Town Council is composed of citizen-officials and therefore they do not hold regular office hours. To reach them by telephone, please call the Borough Secretary at (717) 264-5151 and a message for callback may be left for your representative. To send an email, use the Contact Us form.

Chambersburg Ward Map

Chambersburg Mayor

The Honorable Darren Brown, Mayor - or

Office Phone Number (717) 261-3243

Chambersburg Tax Collector

Brenda P. Hill

401 LIncoln Way East

Chambersburg, PA 17201

Office Phone Number (717) 263-6565

Franklin County Magistrarial District for Chambersburg

The Honorable Glenn K. Manns

218 North Second Street

Chambersburg, PA 17201

Office Phone Number (717) 263-5808


Appointed Officials

Borough Staff

Jeffrey M Stonehill

Borough Manager/Director of Utilities

(717) 261-3245

David C Finch

Asst. Borough Manager/Public Works Directore

(717) 261-3200

Phil Wolgemuth

Assistant to the Borough Manager/Land Use & Development Director

(717) 261-3232

Jamia L Wright

Borough Secretary

(717) 261-3254

Kristine Baker

Asst. Borough Secretary

(717) 261-3201

Jason H. Cohen

Finance Director/Borough Treasurer

(717) 261-3248

G. Bryan Salzmann

Borough Solicitor

(717) 264-4104

Welton J. Fischer

Assistant Borough Solicitor

(717) 264-8020

Chief of Police (Acting)

(717) 264-4131

Howard R. Lenhard Jr., CFO

Emergency Services Director

(717) 261-3230

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