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Public Works

David C. Finch, Assistant Borough Manager, Director of Public Works
Elwood Sord, Assistant Director of Public Works
Chad Ebersole, Operations Supervisor

Sanitation - Street Cleaning Highways and Streets Motor Equipment - Central Garage

Sanitation Department

The Sanitation Department pursues a commitment to provide a safe, efficient, and effective municipal solid waste collection and disposal system that protects the natural environment, citizens and businesses of Chambersburg. We strive to preserve the quality of life of our citizens through maintaining clean environs today and in the future.

Our Goals:
  • To safely and efficiently collect residential and commercial solid waste and dispose of it at the landfill
  • To safely and efficiently collect residential and commercial recyclable materials for processing and reuse
  • To provide general cleanliness to the Chambersburg community
Residential Customers: 7261
Commercial Customers: 655

Recycling: Amount Recycled: 2011: 286 tons as of 6/30/11

REFUSE SERVICE: The Borough is the exclusive solid waste collection service available for residents and businesses in Chambersburg. To arrange new service call (717) 264-5151. With questions about service, pick up, dumpsters, etc. call (717) 261-3213.

RECYCLING SERVICE: Effective on January 11, 2016, the Borough's recycling system will change to a new process. Please note these important changes. Beginning that week, the Borough will switch to CURBSIDE SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING to be performed by a Borough contractor, Waste Management. No more separating your recycling into separate piles (for example, paper, plastic or metal containers). Everything will go in your one bin and will be collected once per week at the same time and in the same location as your trash. Just place your recycling in your existing recycle bin (soon you will be able to pick up your new recycling containers with wheels at the Service Center, 80 S. Franklin Street - see handout link for dates and times) at the same location as you place your trash. Two trucks will visit your location every week, a Borough truck to get your trash and a Waste Management truck to get your recycling. Each trash customer is now a Waste Management recycling customer too. No more hopper or drop off. There are rules for this new service. So for example, all products must be free of food particles. Also, do not include styrofoam or supermarket plastic bags. In fact, do not include any bags at all. Just place all your recycling items in your bin loose once per week for curbside collection. These changes do not impact fall leaf collection or green yard waste drop off. Call 717-261-3213 with any questions.

Here is a 2018 Recycling Rules and Calendar - Curbside Collection by Waste Management​

STREET SWEEPING: The Borough has a street sweeping program to be followed as long as the weather permits. Any questions can be answered by calling 717-261-3214.

LEAF COLLECTION: The Borough has a leaf collection program in the late fall. Any questions can be answered at 717-261-3213

CHRISTMAS TREE PICK-UP: The Borough has a Christmas tree pickup up scheduled for January of each year. Any questions call 717-261-3213.  Click here for info

BULKY ITEM COLLECTION: The Borough provides to all residents a once per year bulky item drop off program conducted in the spring of each year. Any questions can be answered at 717-261-3213. Please click here for the Bulky Item Warning UBF.

GREEN YARD WASTE: The Borough operates a Green Yard Waste recycling center. In 2014, the rules and location of this recycling operation will change. See the enclosed for details: Green Yard Waste SOP. Any questions can be answered at 717-261-3213.

Motor Equipment Department

The Motor Equipment Department maintains and repairs the Borough's fleet, and provides safe and affordable internal services to Chambersburg Borough departments. Further, it is the Motor Equipment Department's intention to provide these services in an efficient, economical, and safe work environment for Borough employees.

Highway Department

Highway Department functions include a variety of activities from snow and ice removal to patching streets, overlaying streets and alleys, and cleaning and maintaining the Borough's municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4). Lending a hand to the Sanitation Department (separate enterprise fund) or the Motor Equipment Fund (separate internal service fund), Highway Department personnel are out fixing signs, cleaning storm drain inlets or patching holes almost every day.

POTHOLES: Potholes can be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to 717-263-4111.

SNOW REMOVAL STREETS: Snow removal questions can be answered at 717-261-3214

SNOW ON SIDEWALKS: Sidewalk snow questions can be answered at 717-261-3200

CURBS AND SIDEWALKS: New construction, replacement, and repair of curbs and sidewalks requires a permit. This permit can be obtained by calling 717-261-3220.

STREET OPENINGS: Excavation inside a Borough right-of-way requires a permit. This permit can be obtained by calling 717-261-3220.

ROAD SIGNS: Signs that are damaged or missing can be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to 717-263-4111.

TRAFFIC SIGNALS: Problems with traffic signals can be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to 717-263-4111.

TRAFFIC CALMING PROGRAM: In coordination with the Engineering Department, the Public Works Department maintains the Traffic Calming Program to improve the safety and livability of streets and neighborhoods by using appropriately designed and implemented traffic calming measures to mitigate the impacts of traffic while creating safer streets for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. For more information, please review the Traffic Calming Program guidelines (click here to access pdf file) or call Phil Wolgemuth at 717-261-3232.

PARKING, TRAFFIC, & STREET LIGHTS: Created in 2012, this agency operates like a separate department with a separate set of accounts. Functions include: Downtown Parking, Street Lights, Traffic Signals and Parking & Traffic. As an inter-departmental agency, the mission of this department is Public Safety through the proper management of vehicular infrastructure and regulation under the advice and direction of the Borough’s Parking, Traffic and Street Lights Committee. Services include:
  • Downtown parking meters and parking lots
  • Traffic control devices, traffic signals, and speed control devices
  • Street lights, illumination, and public lighting
Being an inter-departmental agency, the Borough Manager supervises these functions. He is assisted by the Electric Department, the Engineering Department, the Parking & Customer Service Office of the Administrative Services Department, and the Police Department.
The appointed Parking Traffic & Street Lights volunteer committee meets most months and discusses these issues, making recommendations for policy and ordinance changes to Town Council as their advisors.
Report: Wilson College Neighborhood Parking Issue
Traffic Signal Improvements Plan
Sharrows - Share the Road with Bicycles Plan
Chambersburg & Wilson College Undertake Streetscape Project
Grant Application - 2017 Multimodal Integration Downtown Improvements Project